Today Fujitsu announced its next generation user interface developed for intuitive touch based operations. The technology is able to detect where the user’s finger is as well as what it is touching. Using cameras and projectors, the technology overcomes imprecise tracking issues that come with conventional technologies while providing an innovating solution for handling data by directly touching objects.

They show off the UI on a new scanner that allows users to interact with real documents in a way they would on a computer. Capable of doing a variety of operations, there’s the ability to copy important parts in a real document, in digital form, by simply tracing the figure across the document. Copied data can also be projected on a tabletop and cab be expanded or shrunk using fingertip gestures. It is also capable of capturing graphic data from handwritten sticky notes placed on the table. The digitalized sticky notes can then be freely moved around by the user through the finger. The company plans on commercializing this product in 2014, until then the technology will be evaluated in real usage environments.

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