Google Glass Infographic Shows How They Work


Google Glass is expected to be released for the public to purchased sometime later this year for less $1,500, but up until this point, Google has just given us snippets on what we could expect from a Google Glass experience. As impressive as their video was, we’re sure there are many of you who are curious just how exactly their Google Glass will work, which is why this infographic released by artist Martin Missfeldt is so interesting as it dissects Google’s upcoming wearable computer.

The infographic takes a look at the various parts of Google Glass as he points out where he where all of the important parts of the device are located as well as how exactly it is able to do what it does, pointing out the device is pretty much a mini projector that is combined with a prism for its visual overlay. Missfeldt took a lot of time and consideration creating this infographic as he sources a number of links where he obtained the information, which makes its results that much more impressive.

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