Google may still be considering what kind of features to highlight for its Project Glass, but judging by a recently released video called “How It Feels [through Glass]” published by Google, we think the company already has some good ideas of what exactly they want the device to do.

The video shows the interaction between the user and Google Glass can be minimal as by default, the device would project a small window at the top-right of the user’s view. Interacting with Google Glass would start with a phrase, which Google chose to make “OK, Glass” in this new demo.

Once Google Glass has been activated, you can order it to take a picture, video, initiate a hangout and provide directions. We just hope your life is as exciting as the people featured in Google’s video as initiating a hangout while you’re eating a bowl of soup may not be what people want to see, unless you’re part of an exclusive group of people who enjoy watching people eat soup.

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