If you thought playing a dating simulation game where you fall in love with a T-Rex was weird, then you’re going to be raising every eyebrow you have at this next Android game.

SEEC Inc’s Meichan no Chichi Shibori Taiken (which translates to Mei-chan’s Udder Milking Personal Experience) made its way to the Japanese Google Play Store and stars an aspiring pop idol named Mei who milking a cow for a photo shoot. The point of the game is to help Mei milk the cow by tapping and rubbing on their smartphone screens in order to guide her hand in order to get the job done. The game gauges your success by measuring how much milk is shot into the bucket before the time runs out.

This is one of those games that is just so crazy, that we can’t even begin to point out how many things are wrong with it. But, if your’e the kind of person that would enjoy helping a teen girl milk a cow, then you can pick the game up for yourself for free on the Google Play Store. Just don’t come crying to us if people look at your weird if you decide to play this game during your commute or in other public places.

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