google_maps_ios_10_million_downloadsNot all of us are willing or have the money to purchase a GPS unit for our cars, and there are still some car owners whose vehicles do not come with built-in GPS systems either, meaning that in some cases, we still need to use our phone to check Google Maps or other GPS apps to find our way around unfamiliar areas. Naturally this can be pretty dangerous and it seems that a Californian judge thinks so as well and has made it clear that driving while checking maps on your phone is considered illegal.

Basically the judge viewed the checking of maps as equivalent of using a phone while driving, hence the ruling. According to the ruling, “Because it is undisputed that appellant used his wireless telephone while holding it in his hand as he drove his vehicle, his conduct violated Vehicle Code section 23123, subdivision (a).” So where does that leave us? Well we guess drivers will have to spend some money getting their hands on a GPS unit, or attempt to memorize the route before heading out.

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