lenovo_logoLenovo is a company that does many things, where among one of them would include churning out smartphones and of course, two of their bread and butter products, notebooks as well as desktop machines. Word on the street has it that Lenovo is mulling over the possibility of building a new smartphone that carries the brand “Think”, where the entire point of this exercise would be the promote a higher brand awareness as well as recognition among younger consumers, or at least this is what Lenovo’s ThinkPad Business Unit VP Dilip Bhatia, said.

Assuming the future handset would be known as the Lenovo ThinkPhone, it would definitely have great potential to do well since the smartphone market is one that is absolutely booming. For instance, Lenovo did manage to sell a whopping 9.5 million smartphones in Q4 2012, where most of those were sold in China, going to show that there are still different avenues to expand one’s business if one were to look far and wide enough. Good luck in your smartphone business, Lenovo!

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