3020_d90f3c16ab-originalMarshall is a brand probably most well-known to musicians for creating amplifiers for guitars and bass, although at the same time we have seen the company start to branch out a bit to other audio products, such as speakers and even headphones. Either way if you love Marshall’s products, you might be interested to learn that the company has since announced a new set of headphones dubbed the Monitor, making this the company’s first over-ear headphones.

For those unaware of the difference, over-ear refers to headphones whose cups rest on the outer portion of your ear, while on-ear means that the headphone cups rest on your ear itself. There is difference in audio quality although it is also a matter of comfort and preference. In any case the Monitor by Marshall has been designed for studio listening and will come with an F.T.F insert that will allow the user to tailor their own listening, such as how removing the insert will lead to a brighter sound, while keeping it on while provide a warmer sound.

Featuring a detachable cord that allows the user to choose which side of the headphone they want the cord connected to, the Monitor headphones by Marshall is currently priced at $250 and is available from their website.

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