iphone-5-review-23-640x426The dating habits of iPhone users, Android users, Windows Phone users and Blackberry users shouldn’t be that different, should it? Or is there even any correlation to begin with? Well according to the folks at Match.com who conducted the survey, their results seem to suggest that iPhone users are going on more first-dates than users of other smartphone operating systems. The survey polled around 5,000 single men and women in the US and who were asked over 200 questions, including whether they had been on many first dates in the last year.


The results were then broken down by the type of smartphone the participant owned, and according to the figures, 49% of iPhone users went on at least one first date in 2012, followed by Windows Phone users who were at 46%, 44% for Android, and last but not least were Blackberry users at 42%. Interestingly it seems that maybe, just maybe having a smartphone might help as the results showed at 27% of feature phone owners went on first dates, while those without phones came in at 18%.

Like we said earlier, we’re not sure if there’s any correlation between having an iPhone and being a more attractive option to potential partners, but it’s an interesting survey nonetheless, so make what you will of it. What do you guys think? Are we living in a society where the type of phone you own speaks volumes about your status and eligibility?

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