bing-offersHave you ever given group deal buying sites like Groupon and LivingSocial a go? Well, those were pretty hot for a moment in time, but you can more or less say that interest in these two along with their clones have somewhat dropped by some degrees over the past few months. Still, this has not prevented Microsoft from launching Bing Offers, which is a totally new local deals aggregator that will target the US market. Something tells me that if it takes off in the US market in a big way, surely Microsoft would want to look into introducing it in other markets around the world.

In the the new, and obviously, the old must go, which is why with the launch of Bing Offers, we would bid goodbye to an old friend which debuted in 2011, known as Bing Deals. A Microsoft spokesperson shared that Bing Deals underwent “a number of iterations” over the years, and you can more or less say that Bing Offers is the next version of Bing Deals.

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