microsoft-windows-phone-no-plansWe know that Nokia has announced that they will be revealing a new Lumia device on the 14th of May, with many speculating that it could be the highly-anticipated Lumia 928 for Verizon. However could that be all the Lumia devices they have up their sleeves? According to the folks at WPDang, it seems that one Chinese developer who has been poking around his app traces to look for evidence of new Windows Phone devices, has stumbled across some potentially new Windows Phone devices in the app logs. These alleged new Windows Phone devices come from manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung and Nokia.

For Huawei a certain H889L model was spotted, while Samsung’s model is the SCH-I930. Nokia on the other hand seems to have a handful of devices, such as the RM-860_nam_usa_100, RM-877_nam_att_205, RM-943_apac_prc_001, RM-941_apac_hong_kong, and the RM-910_apac_prc_002. We’re not sure what these model numbers mean, but as the names might imply, some of them are destined for regions such as Hong Kong and China, while others are targeted for the US market, an AT&T phone seems likely as well. Perhaps Nokia will reveal these devices on the 14th of May, but until then stay tuned as we will keep you updated.

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