Qualcomm Version Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Reportedly Rooted As Well

GalaxyS4-conceptA few days ago, we reported that according to posts on the XDA Developers forum that the Samsung Galaxy S4 might have actually been rooted ahead of its release. However since we do not have the phone ourselves, and since there is a lack of proof over these claims, Samsung developer and root specialist, Chainfire, took to his Google+ account to announce that he believed that the Galaxy S4 still remains unrooted due to the lack of evidence over the previous claims. Whether the previous claim was a fake or not we guess we won’t be able to tell, but in the meantime Chainfire has announced that the Qualcomm version of the Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505) has been rooted and has uploaded the necessary files for users to download should they wish to root their Galaxy S4s themselves.

Unfortunately we can’t tell if the firmware used to test this root process is that of the final release, or if it might be an earlier build, so once again there’s no telling if this version will be successful. In any case like we said, this root process is for the Qualcomm version while the previous one, whether real or fake, was for the Exynos version of the device. As usual, those interested will have to proceed at their own risk, but as a word of caution, always remember to follow the instructions to the letter and make sure to back up your data before proceeding!

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