join-mainWe know that Rockstar has officially announced GTA 5, and if you’ve ever wanted to be part of a video game, the developer is giving gamers the opportunity to have their likeness incorporated into the upcoming game. Rockstar has recently announced their Epsilonism website where gamers will be able to enter their details as well as upload a photo of themselves to be given the chance to be in the running to be part of GTA 5. Unfortunately only 5 people out of everyone will be chosen to be put into the game, meaning that considering the huge fan base that the GTA franchise has, your chances of getting picked could be very slim! It is also not known as to what sort of characters you might end up as. Would you play a big role in the game, or could you be merely an NPC walking around on the streets? Either way if you’re not that fussed, head on over to Rockstar’s Epsilonism website for the details.

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