samsung-flexibleWe know that Samsung has been working on flexible displays for quite a while now, with some saying that it could even be debuted in 2013. While we have yet to see how flexible displays can be used in a real world context, it seems that if you were looking forward to flexible smartphones or tablets this year from Samsung, you could be disappointed. According to Korean newspaper ETnews, they are reporting that Samsung has run into some troubles with the quality of their flexible displays and that the first batch of flexible displays has been delayed.

The problem stems from the encapsulation process, which will protect the flexible OLED displays from moisture and oxygen, both of which can damage the displays. According to the report, Samsung is currently reviewing different encapsulation technologies which could replace the currently encapsulation technology which was developed by Vitex System. At this point in time we’re not sure how long the delay is, but to see it launch by 2013 may no longer be possible.

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