3D printing opens up all sorts of possibilities, one of them is being able to build your own pair of headphones that don’t require any line built parts. A designer J.C. Karich is behind the concept, which doesn’t need more than some open source designs, raw materials and a 3D printer. Surely not all of us have a 3D printer lying around, but those who have one, should definitely try this out.

The body of these lo-fi headphones was 3D printed and speakers were created by coiling a copper wire in to a groove that was built in to the printed casing. On the opposite side of the casing, the magnet is placed. The headphone jack is also 3D printed, connections are made by wrapping a wire around the plug, which too has been printed. The build is not rickety and the sound is surprisingly good, Karich says that the sound is “beyond all expectations.” To play music from devices such as an iPod, the headphones require a power amplifier. Lo-fi in both build and sound, regardless, this makes for an awesome project.

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