verizon-cloudMention the word “cloud” to a 60 year old, and he or she will give you a very different definition to that of the younger, tech savvy generation. After all, many of us work from the cloud itself right now. Just ask yourself, how many important documents have you stashed away onto Google Drive by now? Well, smartphone owners are definitely not “suffering” from the issue of not having enough cloud-based safety nets, considering the range of options available via the likes of Google, iCloud, or other file sync providers.

Well, Verizon is about to throw their lot into the cloud territory by deploying their very own Verizon Cloud service which will function as a crutch for anyone who wants to replace a handset on its network. Verizon Cloud will remain Android only at this point in time (web-only is supported, too) where it will deliver daily backups of your media libraries in addition to a slew of other information such as call logs, contacts and messages. Not only that, Verizon has also thrown in cross-platform safeguards, with an iOS app being in the pipeline, slated as available “soon”, alongside future OS support which ought to allow customers to retrieve some of their data should they decide to switch platforms. Thing is, the first 500MB of space is free, but if you want to do more, then you will have to fork out $3 for 25GB per month, and a monthly fee of $10 for 125GB. [Press Release]

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