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Apple To Develop Its Own Cloud (Rumor)
It looks like the folks over at Apple are working on their very own cloud infrastructure with one extremely simple reason – to lower its level of dependence on services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. In a project that has been given the name “McQueen”, there is a team over at Apple assigned to develop this in-house cloud storage system.

ReVault Happens To Be A Wearable Cloud
It looks like the world is getting more and more connected these days, so much so that everyone would like ot gain access to the Internet regardless of where they are, and what device they are using at the moment. In fact, storing data on the cloud is also common, and the likes of Dropbox and OneDrive have proven to be extremely popular. However, local storage happens to be a […]

Google Drops Prices For Its Cloud Platform
When it comes to making a purchase, obviously getting a good deal out of a situation is one of the main issues that must be settled between buyer and seller. Basically, everyone wants the best value that money can offer, and Google knows this, too, which is why the technology giant intends to attract the enterprise crowd over to its Cloud Platform by slashing the existing price structure – and […]

IDrive Wi-Fi Delivers Cloud Backup And Local Connectivity In A Single Device
[CES 2015] The advent of highly affordable and yet fast Internet connectivity on mobile devices have also helped push the idea of the cloud forward, and here we are with the IDrive Wi-Fi. What does the IDrive Wi-Fi deliver, despite having it look like a portable hard drive? This is basically a new storage device which will offer the functionality of cloud backup alongside the added convenience of local connectivity, […]


NVIDIA’s GRID On-Demand Game Streaming Launched
Already operating in Beta until today, GRID is officially becoming an NVIDIA product and starting from Tuesday, Nov 18, all SHIELD and SHIELD Tablet device users will be able to connect and play PC streaming games for free, until July 2015. At that time, NVIDIA will likely start charging a fee, but the company was not ready to share its pricing strategy quite yet.We’ve had some hands-on time with the […]

Amazon Prime Photos Come With Unlimited Cloud Storage
It is safe to assume that Amazon is not a company that has plenty of goodwill among the masses, but this does not mean that they aren’t of any good at all, either. In fact, it seems that there is more reason to enjoy an Amazon Prime membership now. While the Amazon Prime membership would cost $99 annually, it seems that this time around would see one being able to […]

Microsoft Azure Gets New Market, "Loves Linux"
We were attending the Microsoft Cloud Briefing this morning, with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie (EVP Cloud & Enterprise) talking about how Microsoft sees cloud computing going forward. Microsoft’s CEO says that their view is mobility-first, which doesn’t refer to the devices, but rather the lifestyle and needs of their users.

Square Enix Unveils Shinra Technologies Cloud Gaming Business
While Square Enix is busy preparing some of the finalizations for upcoming Final Fantasy titles, does this mean that the game studio is not looking elsewhere to deliver some stunning products? Apparently, at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has lifted the veil concerning Shinra Technologies. Shinra Technologies happen to be a new cloud gaming business that will be helmed by Yoichi Wada, who so happens to be the former […]

IDrive Delivers 2TB Of Cloud Storage, Undercuts iCloud & Dropbox
With the recent celebrity nude photos leak scandal where Apple has washed their hands from any responsibility concerning iCloud, it is definitely a good idea to take a pause and think about where you would want to store your most private and personal images, making sure that nobody will be able to gain access to them other than yourself. The best would be to avoid snapping such personal intimate photos […]

Microsoft Exchange Online Outage Fixed
It might have taken close to 9 hours, but at the very least, Microsoft has managed to fix their Exchange Online service after some downtime. The Exchange Online outage resulted in affected users being unable to gain access to their email earlier today, which naturally led to an expression of their frustration via other online channels concerning the inability to get their work done. Microsoft remained mum on the number […]

OneDrive Receives New Photo Features
How much of the cloud do you rely on these days? There are so many different options for the end user out there, and Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of them, with this cloud-storage service functioning as a “bridge” of sorts to hook up its products alongside competing platforms like iOS and Android. Not only that, the OneDrive now sports the ability for one to share photos via that bridge so […]

Eyefi Mobi Card And Eyefi Cloud Available At Best Buy
For those who have had an eye (pardon the pun) on Eyefi’s Mobi 16GB WiFi Card as well as a year’s worth of membership for Eyefi Cloud will now be able to pick those up as a package deal in more than 900 Best Buy retail locations, making things a whole lot more convenient and easier for you, now how about that?

OneDrive Updated With 5 More Features
Those who are rocking to the consumer version of Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, would be pleased as punch to hear that they are on the receiving end of a slew of improvements, where among them include a spanking new Android app update. Apparently, version 2.5 of the Android app will now enable users to share files as well as folders with invites, through the sending of a link, or […]

Eyefi Cloud Introduced
We have seen our fair share of Eyefi products in the past, and this time around, the global leader in digital camera connectivity has unveiled Eyefi Cloud. This is not a personal project by Nick Fury, but rather, Eyefi Cloud happens to be a private photo-centric cloud service which would allow recently captured photos to be instantly available on a smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV. Yes sir, the Eyefi […]