xbox-live-pizza-hutGaming can be hard work, or so some of you hardcore gamers say. Well, when you are engrossed with a particular title like say, the Metal Gear Solid or Grand Theft Auto series, there is very little time for anything else other than the mandatory toilet breaks. Food? What’s that? Why not get something fast and easy to fill your stomach? That is a snap now as you are able to place an order for some Pizza Hut pizza (hopefully it will look like pizza from the get go) from within Xbox Live itself, now how about that?

Microsoft and Pizza Hut have come to an agreement that those who are US members of Xbox Live (which happens to stand at 46 million users worldwide and counting) are now able to place an order for their pizza using an app that is made available on the Xbox Live dashboard. It will play nice with a game controller, with the alternative of using Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing system, too. You might want to hurry up though, as for the first fortnight, Xbox Live users will be on the receiving end of 15% discount on orders that are placed from the Pizza Hut app.

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