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Microsoft And Xbox Accounts Will Be Closed If Inactive For Two Years
Given that most online services require us to create accounts, many of us have accounts that have not used for long and kind of just forgotten about. If that applies to you with regards to a Microsoft or Xbox account, then you might want to take note. Microsoft has said that it’s going to close all such accounts if they have been inactive for two years.

Microsoft Has No Plans To Launch Xbox Live SDK On The Nintendo Switch
Last week Microsoft brought its Xbox Live service to iOS and Android devices. This meant that developers who wanted to integrate Xbox Live into their iOS and Android games would be able to. There were rumors that this could be the start of something bigger and that it might even make its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

Cuphead For Nintendo Switch Releases April 18th
Cuphead, a title much appreciated for its difficulty, is now heading over to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo confirmed at the Game Developers Conference today that the game is coming to its console. The Switch port includes the same hand-drawn cell animation and soundtrack that was loved by console owners in the original release.

Xbox Live Now Available On iOS And Android
A report from last month revealed that Microsoft was apparently looking to bring its Xbox Live gaming service onto other platforms besides Xbox. For those who don’t mind linking their mobile devices to Xbox Live, you’ll be interested to learn that Xbox Live has since made its way onto iOS and Android.


New Xbox Live Avatars May Be Launched This Month
We first heard reports back in 2015 that the Xbox Live Avatars could be revamped. No definitive announcement was made until last year even though there were multiple hints suggesting that this was going to happen. Microsoft finally unveiled the new Xbox Live Avatars at the E3 2017 gaming convention and while it said that they would be released in the fall, we have yet to see them. According to […]

New Xbox Live Avatars Release Due This Fall
Microsoft first hinted at the possibility of its Xbox Live Avatars being revamped back in 2015. Two job listings were posted at that time which suggested that the company wanted to bring its avatars to the next level. Hints about the new avatars were dropped from time to time but no definitive announcement was made. Microsoft has now confirmed that the new Xbox Live Avatars will be released later this […]

Xbox Owners Will Soon Be Able To Create Their Own E-Sports Tournaments
Microsoft today announced that it’s expanding its Arena platform to enable Xbox owners to create their own competitive gaming tournaments. The company launched the Arena platform in preview a while back, it enables players to compete in organized tournaments via Xbox Live. Tournaments could previously be organized only by game developers, e-sports organizations or by Microsoft itself. That changes now.

You Will Lose Your Xbox Live Gamertag If You Don't Do This
For many gamers, their Xbox Live Gamertag is very precious and they can’t even stand the thought of losing it. However, due to the recent changes that Microsoft has made to their services agreement, gamers now have to do one thing or otherwise they stand to lose their Xbox Live Gamertag possibly forever. The changes are retroactive which means that it doesn’t matter how old your gamertag is, you have […]

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Available From Amazon For $40
For those of you who have been meaning to subscribe to the likes of Xbox Live Gold but think it’s a bit expensive for your liking, you might be interested to learn that Amazon is offering a discount on the subscription service, where instead of charging full price for the subscription, you will be able to get it at a much cheaper rate.

Xbox Games With Gold For April 2016 Revealed
Every month, Xbox Live members look forward to finding out which titles they will be receiving as part of Games with Gold for the following month. Microsoft usually confirms the lineup about a week before the coming month and that’s precisely what it has done today. The Xbox Live Games with Gold for April 2016 lineup has been revealed today and it brings four new games, two for Xbox One […]

Microsoft Will Let Xbox Gamers Play Against PS4 And PC Gamers Online
Microsoft has made a big announcement today that’s going to impact how Xbox owners play online. The company has hinted at allowing cross-network play and today it has announced just that. Microsoft has confirmed that developers making games for Xbox One and Windows 10 will soon be able to support cross-network play, this means that gamers on Xbox will be able to play online against players on PlayStation 4 and […]

Microsoft Could Offer Compensation For Xbox Live Downtime
When you’re operating an online service that millions of people around the world use then you can be sure that they’ll have some not-so-nice words to say if and when that service goes down. This has been happening often with Xbox Live, a paid subscription service, and there have been calls for compensation whenever Xbox Live goes down. Microsoft hasn’t agreed to the demand yet but it’s looking into the […]

Xbox Boss Apologizes For Continued Xbox Live Problems
Xbox owners are once again facing issues with Xbox Live. This has been happening a lot recently and Microsoft is tackling issues yet again today. The situation doesn’t seem to be letting up and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has had to step in and apologize for the continued issues. It may very well take a few hours of things to clear up and until then Xbox owners can just sit […]

Xbox Live Has 48 Million Monthly Active Users
While it certainly sounds like Sony’s PlayStation console is leading in terms of console sales, it looks like Microsoft’s Xbox platform isn’t doing too badly either. In fact if anything it sounds like Microsoft’s Xbox platform is growing, and this shows in Microsoft’s recently Q2 earnings in which it saw an increase in monthly active users for the Xbox Live service.