yjpn-drinkYahoo is an internet company probably best known for their search engine services, emails, stock updates, weather updates and more. It is not uncommon for companies to venture outside their core competency, but it looks like Yahoo could be taking a larger detour than expected. It seems that as far as Yahoo Japan is concerned, the company will be launching a drink under the Yahoo Japan branding. We’re not sure how this drink will taste like, but considering that Japan is pretty open when it comes to trying out new flavors and combinations, we expect this Yahoo drink to be welcome with open arms.

The drink will apparently be a thirst quencher, along the lines of Gatorade or Pocari Sweat, just to name a few. The drink will also help Yahoo promote their newly launched web services, such as weather, disasters and a revamped travel section, with the icons of the services being printed on the bottle’s wrapper. There will also be a contest that Yahoo Japan will be running in which customers will stand a chance to win travel packages, digital cameras amongst other prizes. So, anyone interested in a Yahoo thirst quencher?

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