Back in the day, apps such as Yahoo Messenger used to be pretty popular, but fast forward to today’s landscape, the app remains as a fond memory of the earlier days of the internet. However it seems that it has not stopped the company from trying as they have since launched a new app called Yahoo Together.

This is a group messenger app which basically focuses on users being able to chat together, as opposed to apps like WhatsApp which will allow users to have private conversations or have group conversations. For the most part Yahoo Together will function like your standard messenger app, and will have features like sharing media files and the ability to search your chat.

There are also features such as Smart Reminders and message reactions, but for the most part if you’ve used a messenger app before, Yahoo Together doesn’t appear to be too different from the competition, which kind of has you wondering why would anyone choose to use it over existing platforms that are much more established (the app claims to be better at managing groups)?

In any case it is a free app so in case existing apps can’t meet your needs, maybe Yahoo Together can, so head on over to the iOS App Store or Google Play to check it out.

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