decadence-130523Depending on which hotel you go to, there are times when the slightly more fancy hotels provide their guests with a sound dock in their room which they can then use to connect to an iPod or iPhone and listen to their music. However over in Dubai, which is known for their towering skyscrapers and luxurious hotels, it seems that guests can expect more, so much more. If you ever had the money to stay at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, a hotel which calls itself the most luxurious hotel in the world, it seems that you can expect to find your room furnished with an iMac, and wait for it, a 24-karat gold iPad.

Yes you read that right! As if furnishing a room with an iMac wasn’t luxurious enough, guests will be able to play with a gold iPad! Of course considering that rooms at priced starting at $1,525 per night, such luxuries aren’t exactly a stretch of the imagination. Guests’ interactivity of the iPad will be limited at the start, but the hotel is said to be expanding access to other apps in the future. In case you get too attached to the gold iPad in your room, the hotel is even selling them at their Bespoke Boutique where guests can purchase a 64GB iPad for a staggering $10,200.

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