Google SMS Search Apparently Shut Down


If someone asked you the best possible way of obtaining information online, you’d probably tell them about Google. The world’s biggest search engine has been around for a long time and from the looks of it, its not going anywhere soon. The company has been in cleanup mode recently, shutting down services that it thought were heading no where. While many of the loyal Google Reader users will disagree, it has come to light that Google SMS search service was apparently shut down a couple of days ago quietly by the company.

Before the advent of smartphones, which have really taken off post-2007, Google SMS Search was a reliable and easy way for obtaining results of a particular query even if one wasn’t using a smartphone, per se.┬áBy simply sending a text message with query to 466453, users could get the results on their mobile phones. Sending a text to this number now from anywhere in USA or Canada is now said to return an error message which says that Google SMS search has been shut down. Any of you out there still using this service?

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