Google announced two days ago its semi-regular spring cleaning would result in the discontinuation of its Google Reader service, which resulted in a petition being created asking the search giant to reconsider doing away with the apparently popular service.

It’s only been two days since the petition was first started, and it has already amassed over 100,000 signatures. We’re not sure if that’s enough for Google to reconsider their decision of doing away with Google Reader, but it certainly should tell them there is a dedicated following of this particular service who have been enjoying it since its first debut, ourselves included.

Regardless if Google is listening to its users or not, you should probably expect for Google Reader to shut its doors on July 1. A number of companies are already working to take its place, with Digg recently announcing it would like to take a shot at creating its own RSS reader . Maybe that will be the spark to make Digg a relevant name in technology once again. Only time will tell who exactly takes over the RSS reader throne since there’s an obvious market for such a service.

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