SEAL Swim Monitor Could Prevent DrowningHow high up (or low down) would you rank drowning among the leading causes of intentional injury death in the US? Well, it currently sits comfortably at fifth, and this little bit of trivia is not something that is pulled out from my rear end, but rather, it hails from the good folks over at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Not only that, the CDC also mentioned that children (naturally speaking) have the highest drowning rates compared to adults. Obviously, in an effort to bump drowning down the list released by CDC, a concerned emergency physician from North Carolina has come up with a special SEAL wearable sim monitor that was specially designed to address this particular issue.

Graham Snyder, the inventor of the SEAL wearable swim monitor, is pleased that this particular plastic necklace will be able to alert just about anyone who uses the connected base station, including a parent or lifeguard, should the person wearing the device actually be in danger of drowning. Not only that, this particular device can also be specially configured to be based on the wearer’s swimming expertise, ranging from the bare basics (a non-swimmer, of course) that will trigger the alarm the moment the device touches water, all the way to the level of professional swimmers. Right now, the SEAL device intends to raise funds on Indiegogo where it will retail for $149 a pop should it garner the necessary amount of funds by January 2014.

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