Guild-Wars-2-twilight-arbor-610x240Online games can be found, especially if you have a good group of friends to play it with, but at the same time we’ve all heard the horror stories of parents neglecting their children, and how some gamers have died just because they’ve been playing online games for excessive periods of time. The South Korean government seems to feel strongly about online gaming as well and they are looking to pass a bill in which online gaming could be viewed in the same light as drugs and alcohol, which is as a addictive substance.

This bill was announced by South Korean politician, Shin Eui-jin, who stated that the bill will allow the government to place some strict restrictions on online gaming since it can now be viewed as an addictive substance. This bill is backed up by fourteen other political representatives, and naturally some developers aren’t too pleased about it. One developer who spoke to Inews24 stated how “It is regretful that the government views games in the same category as drugs and gambling,” and basically how such a bill would hinder one of the country’s leading areas of economic growth. What do you guys think? Do you think online gaming should be viewed in the same light as drugs and alcohol?

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