toyota-shared-chargingToyota, the Japanese automobile giant, has recently installed an electric mobility charging station at the Toyota Ecoful Town, which is extremely fitting especially when you consider how this so happens to be the low-carbon model town in Toyota City, Japan. The Smart Mobility Park will serve its purpose as a hub for electric mobility sharing, where it is also capable of generating and storing electric power. This particular Smart Mobility Park was developed based on the concept which was first revealed to the masses at the Tokyo Motor Show a couple of years ago.

Meant to function as an electric mobility vehicle sharing station that caters for those who happen to go out for short distance trips, the entire shebang comes with a trio of Toyota COMS, ultra-compact single-occupant electric vehicles, alongside five Yamaha-produced PAS or power-assisted bicycles which enables the general public to try out these spanking new rides, renting them using one’s IC card for authentication and vehicle-unlocking. [Press Release]

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