Students who perform searches on popular search engines can be met with a lot of nonsense as advertising, bogus links and the occasional stumble onto adult content can put a complete halt on their ability to learn something they can use in a classroom. Microsoft is aware of the “challenges” students go through when conducting research, and that’s why the company is announcing its Bing for Schools search engine.

Bing for Schools is a new version of the Bing search engine which will cut all advertisements when it displays search results, “adult content” filters which will add additional privacy protection measure, and will feature more “specialized learning features to enhance digital literacy.”

Schools interested in taking part in the new Bing for Schools program can choose to opt-in, which will make the student-focused version of Bing available to the school’s entire network. Bing for Schools will launch later this year and Microsoft is asking those interested in taking part in its stripped-down version of Bing to sign up at this link.

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