gloveitWe have seen our fair share of Bluetooth gloves in the past, where the saying “Talk to the hand” has definitely gained a totally new meaning in a literal sense, and this time around, designer Sean Miles of Designworks was tasked with coming up with something new using bits and parts from recycled handsets. Miles’ creation of a Bluetooth connected glove would let you tune in to the thumb, while you speak into your pinkie, and this particular invention is not meant to be put up for sale, but rather, it proved to be a challenge that Miles wanted to overcome, saying, “The glove is a very good carrier for this kind of technology,” he says.

How many of you would like a Bluetooth-powered glove that allows you to chit chat into it all day long, where the act of forming your hand as a telephone actually works like magic? Surely kids might pester their parents to fork out a fair amount of money for something like this should it actually hit the market, but since it is not going to be manufactured on a mass scale, and neither will it be sold, you will have to look elsewhere to get your kicks.

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