It is common knowledge and common courtesy that when you see someone who is handicapped, old, pregnant, or with kids that you should give up your seat on the bus or train to them. However sometimes in a crowded train, the person that needs a seat might not even go noticed, which is why over in South Korea they have come up with an interesting solution.

The project is called Pink Light and basically this involves a small Bluetooth beacon and light up installations in trains. Aimed more at pregnant women, these beacons can be obtained at various locations around the city of Busan in South Korea. When the woman enters the train, the installations on the train will light up to let passengers know that a pregnant woman is on board and could use a seat.

The light will then turn off when it detects that woman has sat down. It’s an interesting idea and like we said, could come in handy for rush hour periods where trains are too cramped to the point where it’s hard to tell who might need the seat. The Pink Light project is a collaboration between the city of Busan and Daehong, a Korean PR company.

As it stands, only a single train line was selected to pilot the program, but the city is now looking into expanding its Pink Light program to all of its metro and bus systems. Assuming it goes well, it could easily be adapted to other people in need, like the elderly or the handicapped.

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