brain-wave-pongNever underestimate the power of the human mind, as evident by the work of researchers over at the University of Washington who had epileptics with temporarily implanted electrodes in their brains in conjunction with a medical treatment to cure their seizures, where along the way, it required these volunteers to give a simple computer game a go. In this game that seemingly hails from the era of Pong, one is required to raise or lower a cursor which cruises in an extremely slow manner from the left to the right of a computer screen, where it would then be required to touch an object that is located right above, or perhaps below it.

The thing is, these participants or volunteers are unable to move, as they were simply asked to imagine themselves executing some sort of motion, and if one were to lower the cursor, it would include taking a break from that imagination. All 7 subjects successfully changed the trajectory of the cursor, and if one were to take a look a the situation from an engineering perspective, it was achieved by modulating a narrow frequency of electrical impulses that was recorded across the primary motor cortex.

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