Ford logoIt pays to listen to your customer, and unlike Henry Ford who could not be bothered to roll out his cars in different colors other than black back when he first started, here we are in the 21st century, where Ford Motor Co. have definitely learned a lesson from the past that your customer has plenty of other choices out there, so if you do not keep them happy, somebody else will. Hence, Ford have studied a fair number of third-party quality reports that touched on the difficulty level when it comes to its touch-screen multimedia system known as MyFord Touch, and hence have decided to do something about the situation by bringing back dashboard buttons as well as knobs for the radio, at least that is what we have heard from a top Ford executive.

This reversal does not come across as a surprise, and I am quite sure it would have a “feel good” and positive feeling all around, and it would definitely help boost the profile of MyFord Touch, too, along the way. There was no mention as to when the redesigned entertainment system would make its first appearance, but we do know that it has been confirmed that all vehicles will eventually receive the necessary changes as models are updated or replaced.

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