Now that the 2012 – 2013 NBA season is behind us, the NBA now looks toward the future as they held their annual NBA draft yesterday in New York City. The NBA draft brings about its own moments of drama as NBA hopefuls sit back and hope they’re picked by a team to play in the sports organization when the next season starts. That’s why wearing a pair of Google Glasses during the draft was something Indiana Unveristy’s Victor Oladipo decided he needed to do in order to not only capture the drama of the draft, but also the moment he was chosen to become a play for the Orlando Magic.

We’ve seen Google Glass make its way to a number of areas in the world that help capture a wedding proposal, live-stream a surgery and even give a first-hand view of an ice hockey game. But something like wearing them at the NBA draft is something that certainly beats out those other videos considering how many people actually get to experience that moment. Hopefully Oladipo will upload the footage from his Google Glass soon as we’d love to see what he captured.

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