Back in my day, a perfect attendance within a single school year resulted in getting a certificate and a hearty pat on the back from your fellow students. But in 2013, a certificate just isn’t enough for kids as a school district has rewarded students with high-tech goodies just for being healthy enough to not skip a day of school.

One school district in L.A. has awarded two graduating seniors with their own Chevy Sonics for simply just showing up to school every day, although students who have a good attendance record on a monthly basis can receive such awards as a Subway gift card, guest passes to a local aquarium and even iPads. The L.A. school district doesn’t just give out these rewards just for perfect attendance, though, as a drawing is held to see which students who have a perfect record will receive their “hard-earned” prize. Regardless of the process, it’s still amazing to see what schools do to reward its students just for doing something they already should be doing, which is to show up to school every day.

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