There are times when I’m sitting at a party or in a public place that I make believe I’m on my phone in order to avoid interacting with people, although that “trick” doesn’t work most of the time since I’m sure people can tell I’m faking using my phone. That’s why I think the Massaud Canopy was built specifically for people like me who don’t mind going out as long as I don’t have to talk to anybody.

The Massaud Canopy looks like your typical lounge chair, but it has a hood which can be pulled down allowing you a little bit of privacy from everyone else in a room. Unfortunately, the hood doesn’t cover your entire body, instead only being able to cover your head, which makes hiding from people nearly impossible. The Canopy comes with a built-in LED light, Bluetooth connectivity to play some tunes while you’re ignoring everyone else and even has a removable pillow insert. You can even attach your tablet inside of the Canopy’s hood so you can watch cat videos during your family’s Christmas party.

The Massaud Canopy debuted at NeoCon 2013 in Chicago and is expected to be available for purchase some time in 2014.

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