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Feel Like A Supervillain Working From Home In This Crazy Looking Gaming Chair
Gaming chairs and gaming setups are hardly the most inconspicuous things we’ve seen. However, Cluvens might have taken things to a whole new level with its new gaming chair and workstation rig with the Scorpion Computer Cockpit, which as you can see in the photo above, makes you look like a supervillain.

This Is The Ultimate Gaming Bed That You Would Want
Every gamer wants to have the ultimate setup. Of course, you could configure the best PC or get a console and decorate your room for the ultimate experience you want.But, what about the furniture? Maybe you can combine Bauhutte‘s furniture to set up the ultimate gaming bed?Fret not, what you see in the image above is probably the most unique setup and a comfortable bed to have for your never-ending […]

This Carpet Has Been Designed With Asthmatics In Mind
One of the common triggers of asthma is dust mites. Dust mites are typically found in objects with textiles on them, such as soft toys, beds, beddings, and carpets, so if you have a child with asthma or if you’re an asthmatic, chances are you would want to get rid of these potential triggers in your home.That being said, the folks at design firm Studio Siem & Pabon have put […]

This Dining Table Will Cool A Room Down Naturally
Say it’s the summer and it’s terribly hot, so what do you do? You turn on the AC. While that is one way to go about it, turning on the AC has been found to be bad for the environment, not to mention it will run your electric bills up pretty high, but what can you do? If you’re looking for a greener and cheaper way of staying cool, then […]


The Desk 01 Is A Table Designed For Modern Technology
We’re not really in the habit of reporting about furniture, but when it comes to furniture designed to be used with technology in mind, you’ve definitely got our attention. A little over a month ago we reported on the SlatePro desk. The table on the surface appears to be a regular table, but in reality it comes with slots and cutouts designed for smartphones and tablets which we admit is […]

Stir Kinetic Desk Could Be Beneficial For Your Health
Sitting down for extended periods of time is not good for health, as studies have shown, which is why there are offices in the world who have introduced standing desks. For those unfamiliar, a standing desk is a table that is set at a certain height in which standing is required if you wish to work on it, reportedly giving you better posture at the same time. In any case […]

Cardboard Furniture Could Be The Future Of Home Furnishings
We’ve seen some really impressive pieces of furniture that certainly think outside the box over the past couple of months that allow you to have several pieces of furniture or seat as many guests as possible, but we’re sure you haven’t thought of having cardboard used as furniture in your home.

Massaud Canopy Lets You Be Antisocial While You're Trying To Be Social
The Massaud Canopy allows its user to pull down a hood, which lets them be antisocial at any time.

Multi-purpose Glowing Block Chair Brings Tetris To Mind
I know that we are well into 2013 now, but there is this interesting Media Block Chair that was paraded at Digital Content Expo 2012 by TeamLab, where it has been described as this, “The Media Block Chair is a block-shaped object with three protruding sides and three indented sides. Protruding sides communicate information to indented sides. If a protruding side of a red block is connected to a blue […]

Klingon LED coffee table for Star Trek fans
Good news Star Trek fans! If you’ve always wanted to own a piece of furniture from the Star Trek universe, you may be in luck as this Klingon-inspired coffee table is up for order, assuming of course your wife/family is cool with having it smack right middle of your living room.

Homedics' Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair comes with heat
Being a full time blogger can be hard work as those endless hours sitting at your desk can really take a toll on your back, which is why Homedics’ Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair with heat seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Lounge-Wood laptop stand is a beautiful piece of furniture too
Despite the term laptop, chances are you’ll probably be more productive and slightly more comfortable if you were sitting at a desk, or if you had a more stable surface to place your laptop on. Sure there are laptop stands currently available which claim to provide ergonomical features, but are they as beautiful as the Lounge-Wood laptop stand? We think not.

Subwoofer chair does not look too comfortable
If comfort is at the top of your list, then we would strongly recommend that you cross off the subwoofer chair by Greg Ball, as this is meant more to kick ass aurally as well as visually instead of letting you sink in, hugging your back to soothe away the day’s stress. This chair can be said to be a spiritual successor of its precedessor, thanks to the egging on […]

Binary Chairs by BRC Designs
When we published about the Binary Low Table, we wished to see a similar design applied to a sofa – although we thought that our rear end would probably not be too appreciative of that “effort” – it looks like BRC designs has fulfilled our wish and the result looks comfortable enough…The Binary Chairs would be perfect for the geeks who want to feel like they are living in the […]