artifox desk 01We’re not really in the habit of reporting about furniture, but when it comes to furniture designed to be used with technology in mind, you’ve definitely got our attention. A little over a month ago we reported on the SlatePro desk. The table on the surface appears to be a regular table, but in reality it comes with slots and cutouts designed for smartphones and tablets which we admit is pretty clever.

Well it looks like those kind of designs are starting to catch on as the folks at Artifox have created a similar desk called the Desk 01. However if there’s one thing we do like about the Desk 01 over the SlatePro is that it appears to be bigger, not to mention the design looks a lot more sturdy, but since we haven’t used either table, we’re just guessing.

In any case the Desk 01 comes with the usual cutouts where you can slot your tablets and smartphones in. The cutouts also allows the user to thread their charging cables through so you will be able to charge your tablet or smartphone without wires criss-crossing all over your table. In fact most of the wires run under the desk so they’re pretty well hidden and very neat which is very important when it comes to workspaces.

The Desk 01 also comes with small knobs on the legs of the table. This allows the user to hang their headphones (as pictured above) or hang their bags. There is even a whiteboard to the right of the desk where the user can make notes, like set reminders for themselves the old school way. Unfortunately Desk 01 is pretty pricey and if you wanted the maple finish, it will set you back $1,099, while the walnut model will go for $1,299 and will begin shipping next month. So, any takers?

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