Every gamer wants to have the ultimate setup. Of course, you could configure the best PC or get a console and decorate your room for the ultimate experience you want.

But, what about the furniture? Maybe you can combine Bauhutte‘s furniture to set up the ultimate gaming bed?

Fret not, what you see in the image above is probably the most unique setup and a comfortable bed to have for your never-ending gaming needs.

The image above isn’t actually one piece of furniture but a combination of several accessories made available by a Japanese gaming furniture company. They offer desks, cosplay suitcase, and a lot more stuff.

Of course, setting up will take time for you to individually order every possible furniture accessory available. However, once you successfully do that, it should look something very similar to this to provide you the ultimate comfort while gaming.

You can get a soda can right there and have almost every type of gaming accessories within your hand’s reach. And, the picture depicts a concept, but you can make it better and more comfortable using your own ideas for a gaming bed and desktop.

What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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