xbox-one-official-photos-02With next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony having finally been officially announced, with the powerful new hardware and features that gamers can expect from the console, will we be seeing the prices of games increase as well? The good news for would-be Xbox One owners is that the answer is a resounding no. According to the folks at Kotaku, they have gotten the official word from a Microsoft spokesperson who told them that Microsoft’s own first-party Xbox One games will remain at $59.99, which is the same price as Xbox 360 games. While that is good news for some, what about PS4 gamers? Can they expect the same treatment? After all a $100 difference in console pricing means nothing if the price of games will just end up covering the difference, right? While Sony has yet to confirm the pricing, an earlier report in February with the boss of the PlayStation business in the US, Jack Tretton, implied that PS4 games     could also be priced around the $60 mark as well. Either way we’ll have to wait and see, but Xbox One gamers, are you pleased that first-party games will remain at $59.99?

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