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Pac-Man Imagined As A First-Person Shooter Will Give You Nightmares

fps man pac man

Regardless if you’re a gamer or not, you’re probably familiar with Pac-Man and his adventures as he has aimlessly been making his way through a number of mazes in order to eat all of the pellets that have been scattered throughout a level. We’ve seen Pac-Man make the jump to 3D in the past, but we haven’t seen many Pac-Man first-person shooters.

“FPS-Man” was created by game designer Tom Davies and imagines a full game of Pac-Man in a first-person shooter perspective as you’ll make your way through each maze attempting to eat all of the pellets. Sounds simple enough, right? Well – FPS-Man offers a slight twist as it makes Pac-Man really creepy through its use of music, the way each ghost looks and the overall feel of the game.

The game is┬ácompletely free to play over at Kongregate, so if you’ve got the time, head on over and check it out for yourself. Just make sure you’re playing in a well-lit room as you could end up having nightmares after playing FPS-Man.

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