aa3d9ea758796c82c8557e6048e8e9f3_largeUsing our hands to hold our cameras to record video is sometimes not the best solution, especially when it ends up being rather jerky. This is where tripods and motion control systems come in, but unfortunately for the amateur videographer, motion control systems can sometimes be out of their budget, which is why the Revolve Automated Motion system could be the answer they’ve been looking for that will not break the bank.

According to its Kickstarter description, this setup will transform any normal camera slider into a motorized slider with fully automatic movement, and with its universal mounting system, it is expected to play nicely with any slider available in the market today. It will feature interchangeable motors, a fully variable speed control that will allow for time lapse and live video shooting. There are a couple of different kits available to choose from, starting from $299 which will give you the Revolve Automated Motion slider add-on kit, up to $549 for the ultimate combo kit which will come with both the RAM and the Revolve Camera Dolly System. The project has managed to raise about $10,000 at this time of posting and is about $15,000 shy from its goal of $25,000. Head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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