Are you looking for a new mechanical keyboard? If you’re after something a little different from what more mainstream manufacturers have to offer, then you might want to check out MelGeek’s latest keyboard, the Mojo68, which has launched on Kickstarter.

One of the cool features of the Mojo68 has to be its design. Unlike most keyboards which are solid in color, MelGeek has opted to use a transparent chassis that will let you see the internals of the keyboard as well as allow the RGB lighting to shine through. However, one thing to note is that the Mojo68 isn’t your standard full-sized keyboard.

It does away with the numpad and also the function keys, but if you think you can live without those, then this could be a great way to free up some desk space. MelGeek has also made the Mojo68 hotswappable, meaning that you can swap the switches out of the keyboard and put in new ones without the need for soldering, so you can try multiple types of switches quickly and easily.

The Mojo68 has also adopted a gasket mount design that uses poron strips to help cushion the typing experience. Gasket mounting is one of the more popular design trends we’re seeing in the custom scene in the past few years, so it’s good to see MelGeek adopting it for the Mojo68 as well.

MelGeek is offering the Mojo68 in six different colorways, each coming with their own unique set of keycaps (you can always swap them out if you want something else). They are priced starting at $169 and will go up to $199 for the Kickstarter campaign, so head on over for the details or to pledge your support.

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