When it comes to mechanical keyboards, wireless connectivity is something of a rarity. The majority of the enthusiast boards out there are wired, and for the most part, the community is fine with it. However, if wireless connectivity is a must-have feature for you, then you might be interested to learn that Keychron has launched a new keyboard on Kickstarter.

This comes in the form of the Keychron K14, a 70% sized keyboard. For those unfamiliar, the 70% form factor essentially removes the numpad from the keyboard as well as some of the extra function keys, but for the most part it will retain the core keys like the function row, navigation, and the alphabets and numbers.

The K14 will feature Bluetooth connectivity and can connect up to three devices. It is also hot-swappable which means that you can easily pull out the switches and put in new ones without having to solder or desolder.

The K14 is also priced rather affordably where an early bird special of $49 will get you the non-hotswappable model, while $69 will get you the hotswappable model. It’s an interesting board but if you wanted something a bit more on the enthusiast level, then perhaps the more expensive Keychron Q1 could be of interest to you.

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