For those who wear glasses, you’re probably more than well aware of the pain and annoyance of your glasses getting dirty and greasy throughout the day. Unless you happen to carry around a microfiber cloth, this can be rather frustrating. However, the developers of the LensHD want to change that.

The LensHD is a small gadget that could be described as being a washing machine for your glasses. It’s small enough to fit on your desk so whenever you need to clean your glasses, just pop them in and you’re done. How it works is that inside the LensHD, there are four soft sponges covered in a microfiber cloth.

These sponges will spin when the device is turned on, effectively wiping both the front and back of the lenses. No water or solution is necessary, but adding a misting of a glasses cleaning solution will help speed up the process and make it more effective. The LensHD is also sort of portable.

It is powered using a USB-C cable which means that in theory, you should be able to connect it to a power bank. We can’t speak to the effectiveness of the cleaning but it sounds like a fun, novel, and potentially useful gadget, so if you’re interested, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details and to pledge your support.

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