sprint-logo-1Nearly three years ago, we reported that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse will eventually shut down their iDEN network, but no concrete date was set back then. Well, fast forward to 2013, and what do we have here? Sprint has issued a reminder to their subscribers over the iDEN network that said network would shut down for good this coming June 30th, and logically speaking, June 29th would be the last day you will be able to make use of the iDEN network from Sprint. The network will shut down right after midnight on June 30, and hence Sprint has urged its remaining iDEN customers to make the jump to its CDMA-based handsets, where these will deliver walkie-talkie features thanks to its DirectConnect service.

Apart from this particular reminder, Sprint also announced that it wants to recycle as many of its iDEN networking gear as possible, and the entire gamut would include cables, batteries, rack gear, and even the concrete enclosures themselves. Sprint has already put out an estimate that they will recycle over 100 million pounds of equipment and materials, and when the iDEN network bids adieu, it will be able to pave the way for Sprint to expand its CDMA 3G and LTE 4G services on the now vacated 800MHz spectrum. [Press Release]

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