steam-UI-beta-listWith all the fuss over game sharing with next-gen consoles, we’re sure many PC gamers are gloating at how easy it is for them to share their games. In fact, game sharing can even be done through platforms like Steam by giving your friend your user ID and password. While that isn’t exactly the cleanest way to do that, or the most efficient, it just works, but it looks like Valve might be exploring a more official way to allow friends to share Steam games with one another. A user over at the NeoGAF forums has spotted a piece of code which has indicated that Valve could be coming up with a way to allow gamers to share their games with each other.

The code makes reference to a shared game library, along with a notification which would let the user know when a game is currently being played by their friend, presumably not letting them access it in the meantime. We’re not sure what is the extent this sharing feature will go, and if all games will be compatible, especially since both Sony and Microsoft’s policies have left it in the hands of publishers with regards to DRM, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Valve took the same route as well. No word on when this alleged sharing feature will be released to the public, but what do you guys think about it?

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