In what is being called as one of the biggest backtracks in gaming history, it has been officially announced that Xbox One internet connection requirement and DRM related to used games has been rescinded. Microsoft had previously said that users would have to connect their consoles to the internet at least once every 24 hours, this was apparently required to prevent game piracy. Offline gaming would be disabled if users did not connect to the internet. That requirement has now been lifted. Now after a one-time set-up with Xbox One, any disc based game can be played without ever having to connect the console to the internet.

Microsoft also says that users can now trade-in, gift, resell, lend and rent disc based games like they do today on Xbox 360. It says in the official blog post that “there will be no limitations to using and sharing games.” Downloaded titles can obviously not be shared, but sharing of games will work just like it does today. These announcements were made by Don Mattrick, Xbox head at Microsoft, who says that the company has made these changes after listening to feedback from customers. There was much hue and cry when these policies were announced, and Sony was praised quite a bit for not going down this road with PlayStation 4. Gamers rejoice, Xbox One is now officially free of the policies that bothered you.

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