topgear-lawnmowerIt seems that a bunch of engineers from Honda are jumping on the chance to construct the fastest lawnmower in the world, especially after they were put up to the task by Top Gear Magazine. Just how fast would this particular lawnmower go? Well, the targeted speed has been set at a whopping 130mph (210km/hr), and it that were to be achieved, it would definitely beat the current record of 96.5mph that was claimed by Gold Eagle, a fuel additive firm. In fact, initial images of this mean lawnmower has already made their way online, where flames were seen to be spewing out from its exhaust.

Honda decided to take on this potentially pointless project in order to promote their sporty credentials. Peter Crolla, team manager at Team Dynamics (the Honda UK motor racing team partner), said, “The main engineering challenge stems from the need to retain the look of the lawnmower on which it is based, and the ability to still cut grass while achieving the speed and the handling characteristics required for this type of vehicle. To our knowledge, this has never been done before, certainly using this mower and engineer combination, and as such there are no previous learnings to draw upon.”

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