Mowing the lawn is something most people dread, especially if they’re attempting to survive while living through a 100+ degree heatwave. The last thing we all want to do is spend an hour rolling out lawnmower over our lawn every single week, but if you had a lawnmower that could reach speeds of 130mph, then you could cut the lawn of your entire neighborhood in no time.

Honda announced last month they were in the process of creating the world’s fastest lawnmower, which can reach speeds of 130mph, for Top Gear magazine. It looks like all has gone according to plan as Top Gear has completed the first test runs of the lawnmower, where it traveled a little over 100mph. The acceleration of the lawnmower is equally impressive as it’s able to travel from 0-60mph in just four seconds.

With its recorded top speed of over 100mph, Honda’s lawnmower has beaten the previous speed record of 96.5mph which was held by Gold Eagle’s lawnmower back in 2010. Honda’s lawnmower has created a bit of controversy as its original cutting mechanism was replaced in order to accommodate its engine modifications, but it’s still able to cut grass. We think if it’s still able to cut grass, then any modifications should be allowed since the purpose of a lawnmower is, in fact, to mow lawns.

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