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LEGO Lawnmower Will Impress Others With Its Inability To Mow Your Lawn
The northern hemisphere is currently experience the end of fall, which means winter is coming, but those in the souther hemisphere are enjoying the good life as spring is in full bloom, which means lawns have to be mowed. You could use an actual functioning lawnmower that will be able to cut your grass, or you could just use a LEGO lawnmower to look extremely cool in your front yard […]

Honda's 130mph Lawnmower Goes For Its First Test Drives [Video]
Mowing the lawn is something most people dread, especially if they’re attempting to survive while living through a 100+ degree heatwave. The last thing we all want to do is spend an hour rolling out lawnmower over our lawn every single week, but if you had a lawnmower that could reach speeds of 130mph, then you could cut the lawn of your entire neighborhood in no time.

World's Fastest Lawnmower Has Target Speed Of 130mph
How fast can your lawnmower go? Surely something which packs enough power to hit 130mph is not to be trifled with.

Bosch launches Indego autonomous robot lawnmower
German multinational engineering and electronics company Bosch has recently unveiled what it calls to be the world’s first intelligent robot lawnmower. Enter Indego, a “robo-mower” that can do the job without human intervention. According to Bosch, its Indego is special being that it can mow in sequential rows, contrary to other robo-mowers that will randomly mow in different directions with the idea that they will eventually cover the whole lawn over time. […]


iPhone used to mow lawns
Who would have thought that something like the iPhone could be used to do something much more useful – like mowing your lawn, for example? Yeah, just when you thought that the iPhone has run out of things to control, along comes news that your lawn can actually get mowed down remotely, while you remain nice and dry inside as the lawn mower gets the job done. With robotic lawn […]

Husqvarna Automower controlled by iPhone app
Life is getting easier nowadays. Remember back in the days when you had to walk around pushing the lawnmower under the hot sun just to keep your front yard neat? Boy, times sure have changed. Husqvarna, the creators of the Automower robotic lawnmower have made it even easier to mow your lawn (as if it needed to be any easier). The company has just announced that their robotic lawnmower can […]

Solar-powered Wunda Weeder cuts greens with green power
The Wunda Weeder is a great invention, where Aussies Brendan Corry and Peter Sargent came up with a solar-powered machine which features an adjustable headrest that is suspended just above the crops they’re tending to. This is fully adjustable, making it play nice with a whole lot of crops, depending on what you would like to grow at that point in time. The electric motors will harness its juice from […]

Lawn mower hack to be automated
Hate keeping up with the Joneses as it seems to be driving you broke and into a whole lot of debt? If your neighbor has a new automated lawn mower, why not go one up on them with this DIY solution? After all, all you need to do is pound a stake into the center of the yard, hook up a lawn mower via a piece of rope and you’re […]

Solar Powered Electric Lawnmower Concept
This certainly won’t be the first solar-powered lawnmower we’ve seen, but you can’t have too many solar-powered devices at the moment, right? This solar-powered electric lawnmower concept is the winner of the Red Dot Award in the Design Concept 2009. Said lawnmower was designed to fit into small outdoor spaces, is foldable, inexpensive to operate, easy to maintain and quiet to use. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? The […]

Husqvarna Panthera Leo Conceptual Lawnmower
Now here’s a lawnmower that ought to set your pulses running just like how beautiful sports car should – the Husqvarna Panthera Leo concept. It will pack in five electric motors that will power a trio of cutters, capable of mowing down renegade weeds between 33″ and 47″ wide. Powered by a rechargeable lithium phosphate battery, the Husqvarna Panthera Leo will be able to run for up to 2 hours […]