Battery life is a very real concern with electronic devices. As internal components get bigger and better, the need for substantial backup power increases as well. A new Apple patent describes an intuitive battery management system that will be able to conserve much needed battery life. The system will work based on usage patterns to determine how much power the device needs between charges, it will be capable of powering down “one or two characteristics” of the device based on those patterns so as to conserve energy.

The system will use location data along with user activity to determine how much power the device needs. It will be able to estimate how long the device will be away from a power source, and based on that estimation, it will manage power usage. For example when a user is at home, the device won’t worry about maximizing battery life as much as it can. When the user is travelling, the device will compensate for longevity. The actions can include decreasing display brightness, limiting data fetch intervals and even restricting some apps from opening. Since it is a patented technology for now, we can’t say for sure when such a system will be implemented in Apple devices.

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